Faith & Freedom Coalition

Help renew the belief that people of faith have an important and active role to play at the ballot box. Engage and educate faith-based communities on their rights and responsibilities to participate in elections by voting.

Wisconsin Faith-Based Voters

Many Wisconsinites of faith are being discouraged from participating in voting during elections by the nasty tenor of current campaigns. Many feel their rights to even express their faith-based views in public are actively discouraged. Wisconsin Faith and Freedom Coalition will encourage civic and electoral participation from faith-based communities.

People of faith participating in elections is as old as our American Republic. The Founders established our nation with assumptions that faith and people of faith should play an essential role in our government. In fact, our systems of government were designed to protect the Church and its believers from the State rather than the other way around. Periodically the Judeo-Christian foundation is threatened, but a revival of participation answered each such threat as it must today.

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