Trump Picks LaCivita; Invite To Wed. 5 Riders

If You Missed WIFFC Saturday, Come to 5 Riders Wednesday


The Wisconsin Faith and Freedom Coalition was able to meet close to a hundred conservatives in Milwaukee Saturday, including Cong. Scott Fitzgerald and former Attorney General Brad Schimel, both pictured with John Pudner and Cindy Werner. We invite you to click here for a ticket to hear Pudner speak at the 5 Riders event Wednesday.

Werner ran two of the most incredible grassroots efforts in Wisconsin in 2022. First, she spent less than $8,000 on a Lt. Governor race that garnered an incredible 80,000 votes – meaning she spent less than 10 cents per vote received. She then turned her attention to door-to-door operations to distribute Faith and Freedom Coalition candidate comparisons that could well have been the difference in US Senator Ron Johnson’s win – in the best run and most accountable canvassing effort I have seen in eight states over decades of running similar efforts.

It is hard to ignore the fact that another conservative, black Marine woman Winsome Sears is now Lt. Governor of Virginia after a similar effort there.

Personally, seeing Cong. Scott Fitzgerald is always special since my first race in Wisconsin was for his brother, former Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald. I ran his winning convention effort in 2012 against perhaps the best field ever in Tommy Thompson, Mark Neumann and Eric Hovde. “Speaker Fitz” took a majority of the convention vote in a race that let me meet conservatives in GOP meetings all over Wisconsin prior to moving here.

Trump Picks Another Convention Expert – Chris LaCivita

Previously I had won 13 of 17 Virginia GOP convention nominations during the first Republican takeover in the 1990s, and was thus thrilled to receive President Trump’s letter picking one of our own – Chris LaCivita – as RNC COO. (see pictured tweet here),

I look forward to working with Cynthia to build on her great model. We plan nothing short of a similar non-partisan model to that we experienced in those years in Virginia during which LaCivita, me and other field directors built efforts in all 135 Virginia counties and independent cities where every person who came to their local GOP mass meeting or caucus was important because THEY were the workers who would pick the nominee – not a big TV budget.

Deja vu, liberals thought they could use gerrymandering (much like the Wisconsin Supreme Court today) to get rid of Chris’ and my first boss – George F. Allen. Instead, we were among the field directors who set a record by recruiting 13,000 conservatives to the convention (paying $35 each to attend) to nominate the eventual Governor Allen and Attorney General Jim Gilmore – despite starting 36 points behind. Two years later Chris and I both focused on successfully wrestling control of the State Senate from the Democrats. Then nationally I ran faith-based turnout for Bush 2000, and Chris pulled off the Swift Boat ad to win the re-elect.

We were all ecstatic to get Trump’s February 12 letter reading that he, “…asked Chris LaCivita, in whom I have full confidence, to assume the role of, in effect, Chief Operating Officer … this group of three is highly talented, battle-tested, and smart …”

Let us know if you would like to join our efforts at the outset of building this fantastic organization.