3 FFC Bills Face WI Deadline; 30 Million Door Knocks

3 FFC Bills Face WI Deadline; 30 Million Door Knocks

Two bills sponsored by Rep. Barbara Dittrich of Oconomowoc (with me in right photo) are among three of Faith and Freedom Coalition-backed measures (lobbying info here) needing Senate approval today and likely to end up in some of the 30 million candidate comparisons to be distributed this year.

It was great to see Rep. Dittrich and hundreds of other Waukesha County conservatives this weekend including many legislators in attendance as we continued to urge support for AB377, to keep boys who say they identify as girls out of girls’ sports, and AB 378, which does the same to protect women’s college sports. Riley Gaines, pictured below with me at a recent Georgia event, was brought to Milwaukee last week by Cindy Werner, who has organized many Faith and Freedom canvassers.

It appears at least AB377 is on the schedule for today, and we hope AB 378, as well as the third bill we registered to lobby for (AB 975) are all taken up after all three passed the lower chamber. AB 975 would allow Wisconsin voters to vote to change Wisconsin law that currently allows abortion up to 22 weeks of pregnancy – a more liberal law than 45 of 47 European Countries.

Governor Evers opposes all three bills, and we believe it is important to document this along with how all candidates stand on issues such as support for Israel and protecting the border (to stop human trafficking AND fentanyl). For all our concerns about mainstream media, this weekend hundreds of us at the event watched this excellent CBS News Report on the huge human cost of the open border the past three years. Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels then detailed the human tragedies and the fact that after seizing “only” 1 million fentanyl pills the last year the border was secure, the open border this year led to them seizing more than 100 million fentanyl pills in the county.

Apply to Join Our Door-to-Door Canvassing Teams

If you want to join or door-to-door canvassing teams please reply to this email, text Holly Klucarich (Northern Wisconsin Victory during Ron Johnson’s re-election) at 903.259.9212 or subscribe at wisconsinffc.com/ and we will send you an application. Please forward this email to anyone else you believe might be interested.

You can volunteer for fewer than 10 hours a week or be considered for a paid part-time (20-25 hours a week) or full-time position. We do need three references and background. We will make final hiring decisions by June, conduct training in July, and most of the canvassing will be August through November.

The most important qualification is that you are comfortable in articulating the vision at wisconsinffc.com/ and the issues mentioned above. I have been training volunteers and then paid canvassers since we first used “practice raps” back in the 1980s, in which you pretend to knock on “our door” and we give you an idea of various responses to expect. Earlier this year I oversaw 70,000 door knocks mainly out of state in a month, and several canvassers mentioned to me that they were surprised I went out knocking on doors with them because some had worked for canvassing companies where their only communication with supervisors was via text.

Many of the best canvassers have a communications undergraduate degree, which is my background (Marquette ‘87 College of Journalism en route to Steve Bannon hiring me to start Breitbart Sports – including my story Obama Booed at Elite 8 Game … After Golf Outing that garnered 42,000 Facebook likes). I still cover Marquette a bit for this CBS Sports site for fun each March Madness, but the rest of the year the Faith and Freedom effort will be the focus. But you don’t need a college degree – I found perhaps my best canvasser ever watching him sell at an arena concession stand and then finding out how conservative he was. We’ve found great canvassers with no high school diploma and with advanced degrees, so we are happy to see your application and we are honest if we don’t believe you would find it a fulfilling job.

Photos Below, left to right; 1, Ralph Reed and Donald Trump from this current Politico story. 2, With the sponsor of the bills to protect women’s and girls’ sports (Rep. Barbara Dittrich) and hundreds of Waukesha conservatives this weekend, and 3, A previously run photo with Riley Gaines at a Georgia event prior to her Milwaukee event last week and her appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast.