3-Call Days, 2-Leaders Named, 1-Great Speech Audience

3-Call Days – Our Team Told to Keep Message Simple

With the Legislative Chambers done with their work for the year and Easter and Tuesday’s election passed, we finally kicked off our phone calls Wednesday.. I am happy to report we reached 496 of you Wednesday through Friday – not counting people I ran into in person Thursday at the Christian Home Educators of Wisconsin 2024 Statewide Conference in the Dells – and the feedback was invaluable.

Many told us they want us to get them side-by-side candidate comparisons with instructions and notes on why these materials are complaint to be distributed in churches and other places, so they can get them in the hands of people who can get them out in every corner of Wisconsin.

2-Leaders Named – Operations Director and Pastor Outreach

On Friday at a meeting in Green Bay, we had two people jump into the most important roles in our effort – more important than my work as President. We will provide more information on these two incredibly gifted people in the near future:

Mari Ruh, MRuh@wisconsinffc.com, Director of Operations – Mari showed up having already laid out a step-by-step plan of specific steps and networks that must be reached in the weeks ahead. Without her vision of how to get there the effort would certainly have perished (Proverbs 29:18-19) as just lofty goals. She proved her organizational skills when working with our Chair Arni Jacobson, the former Pastor for the Green Bay Packers previously profiled at www.wisconsinffc.com.

Pastor Luke Farwell, LFarwell@wisconsinffc.com, Director of Pastor Outreach – Pastor Luke already understood the importance of Wisconsin Faith & Freedom laying out for pastors how churches are allowed to get out education information on upcoming elections and candidates’ positions, and then the need to put compliant literature like the side-by-side issues comparisons for candidates those voters will see on the ballot.

1-Great Audience for Speech after Radio Appearance Defending Girls Sports

Wisconsin Public Radio offered us a surprisingly large audience when they quoted us defending legislation to keep biological males out of girls sports. Then we received our first opportunity to address a large gathering some place other than the Capitol.

The feedback from so many Wisconites from every corner of the state to our phone calls and the planning with Mari and Luke provided all the ingredients for our first big speaking opportunity not far from the Home Educators convention in the Dells.

We thank Tom Wastart for the opportunity Saturday to speak after Congressman Glenn Grothman and state legislators and candidates as well as conservative podcast host Ed Delgado to lead into the powerful keynote presentation by Jefferson Davis, who runs the Election Integrity for Wisconsin Ad-Hoc Committee.

My simple message to the packed Marathon County Lincoln Day dinner was that Wisconsin Faith & Freedom will provide side-by-side comparisons of candidates on issues such as whether they support Israel or Hamas; abortion on demand; open borders and the human trafficking and fentanyl that comes with it and men competing in women’s sports. We will document that it is compliant to be passed out in churches or businesses, and that what we need is …

… a few donors but more importantly lots of people to accept responsibility for stacks of these comparisons and getting them to places where people gather. The key to these successful programs for the past 25 years is our understanding that in suburbs and urban areas this can be done via door-to-door efforts but in rural counties the key is people who come to events and know the best places to distribute literature.

The immediate response was more than I could hope for with a Pastor and church leaders from different churches as well as veterans coming up to me after to pledge to get the comparisons out widely in the counties of Marquette, Green Lake and Waupaca.

If we haven’t reached you yet, please call back and let us know if you can do the same. We do need a few donors – but we also need many more willing to distribute literature.