WIFFC Organizers Werner (RNC Delegate) & Pudner (Platform) Elected at RNC Host Congressional Caucus

While the Wisconsin Faith & Freedom Coalition does not ask for votes for or against any particular candidate, our individual leaders attend partisan events to try to bring our issues to the forefront.

To that end, Saturday could not have gone better. Three friends–including the Faith and Freedom Coalition canvassing organizer–were picked as the RNC Delegates, and I was elected to the Platform Committee. Meanwhile, 2,980 readers clicked on our podcast link to Ric Grenell’s podcast appearance, and we posted one of my Fox News Radio interviews on the Arizona pro-life decision with a related (albeit lighter) clip from Seinfeld.

Cindy Werner, who organized Faith & Freedom Coalition Canvassing with voter education pieces comparing Ron Johnson and Mandella Barnes in 2022, is the best door-to-door canvassing organizer I’ve ever met in 47 years of knocking on doors.

She was elected National RNC Delegate from the host Congressional District. I’ve already looped in Cindy (right in photo) with other great door-to-door organizers for Susan B. Anthony, which has already had teams of 10 hitting doors to try to win over hearts and minds just as Crisis Pregnancy Centers do.

The other two candidates I supported and voted for (see my ballot at bottom of the blog) were wonderful friends Patti Reiman (left) and Laurie Wolf (right) who first looped me into fundraisers in the key areas north of Milwaukee when I moved from Alabama several years ago.

The Caucus also elected Yours Truly as one of two members of the Platform Committee, where I will work to advocate to keep the focus on the issues the Faith & Freedom Coalition knows should be front and center:

  1. Immigration (and related crime and fentanyl)

  2. Inflation

  3. Fighting the judicial activism that made Wisconsin’s abortion law more liberal than 45 of 47 European countries with no limits up to 22 weeks of pregnancy

  4. Protecting women’s sports (Cindy actually hosted Riley Gaines here last month)

  5. Protecting Israel

While the Caucus was electing all of us, we did not realize that a mind-boggling 2,980 people had clicked on a podcast link we sent out right before the meeting. In it, Ric Grenell not only recounts his appointment to the Trump Cabinet but describes the steps Jewish Americans need to take to keep their children safe HERE, even as Iraqi missiles were being shot at Israel.

Please listen to this great podcast.

Ric, who launched my communications efforts almost a decade ago before becoming Ambassador to Germany, talks about the day Donald Trump appointed him to the cabinet.

It is fascinating to then hear a Muslim host express sadness over a Jewish children’s school needing bullet proof windows and walls that can withstand a bombing. Attacks against Jews far outpace attacks against any other Americans based on religion (Sikhs are a distant 2nd place, followed by Muslims and Catholics.)

Below is a photo of me with Grenell during a previous visit to Milwaukee, with my winning ballot below that. And I should add that three other great friends were picked on the second ballot as alternates: Bob Spindell, Gerard Randall and Purnima Nath.