Dozens Attend 1st WI Faith & Freedom Pastors’ Breakfast

Just 13 days after the successful public launch of the Wisconsin Faith & Freedom Coalition, our first Pastors’ Breakfast took place in Green Bay, drawing dozens of Pastors. We hope this will be the first of many such events across Wisconsin.

The breakfast featured a 20-minute video clip and distribution of Eric Metaxas’s book, Letter to the American Church, with commentary from Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk. The discussion focused on the protection of prayer, family, and property rights from government intrusion.

Best of all, these events are truly organized by our dedicated pastors—Mari Ruh (second from left), Arni Jacobson (center), and Luke Farwell (furthest right)—who lead the effort to educate pastors on the mission of the Wisconsin Faith & Freedom Coalition.

The only non-pastor in the photo, besides myself (fourth from left), is Rep. John Macco (furthest left). We ensure compliance with 501(c)(3) rules by avoiding electioneering, but felt comfortable including Macco due to his significant contributions to faith outreach and the fact that he is not seeking re-election.

As someone who usually speaks too much, it was refreshing to simply listen to pastors engage with one another at an event they truly organized. I showed up to listen and then stayed to answer many questions about the Wisconsin Faith & Freedom Coalition.

A central message that resonated with many “Amens” during the pastors’ presentations was that pastors not only can, but should, invite all candidates to their churches. They should encourage church members to get informed, ask questions, and vote.

The presentations by all three pastors were truly inspiring. Our goal is to bring this conversation to your community and connect with pastors you recommend. Please reach out to us to start this process.

Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Arni Jacobson, former Green Bay Packers’ Chaplain, is now joined on our bio page by Pastors Luke Farwell and Mari Ruh. Here are their bios:

Rev. Dr. Luke Farwell is the Co-Pastor of First United Presbyterian Church in De Pere, Wisconsin. He holds a B.A. in History from Salisbury University, a Master of Divinity from Union Presbyterian Seminary, and a Doctorate in Theology from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Luke’s interests include the intersection of history, theology, government, and conservatism. He has spoken on conservatism at numerous forums and events, advocating it as the most humane and reasonable solution to our country’s political, social, and spiritual challenges. Luke is married to his best friend, Meggan, and loves spending time with his family.

Pastor Mari Ruh is passionate about religion and politics. An ordained minister of Grace Assemblies of God with over 20 years of ministry experience, Mari has developed small group programs in multiple churches, growing leaders and fostering involvement opportunities for congregants. She has also served as an Executive Pastor and been involved in planting a church, a challenge she has enjoyed.

In 2019, Mari took a more active role in politics by serving on the executive committee of her local county party. This experience highlighted the surprising number of Christians who do not vote, leading her to shift her focus to the non-profit education efforts of the Wisconsin Faith & Freedom Coalition. Mari is dedicated to using her experience to engage Christians in researching policy issues and encouraging voter participation.