Join Us and Who's Who of Conservatives This Week

MLK Jr’s Niece, Carson, VA Governor & AG, Fox News’ Judge Pirro, Hawley, Noem

Join us this week for our Faith and Family Coalition Road to the Majority event, featuring a stellar lineup including Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Alveda King, Ben Carson, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, and Attorney General Jason Miyares. We’re also honored to host notable conservatives such as Judge Jeanine Pirro, Governor Kristi Noem, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, and others.

The two days before we convene are busy in Wisconsin. Donald Trump comes to Racine WI, where Joe Biden also recently spoke, and activities commemorating the end of slavery will be held tomorrow on Juneteenth. As for our annual gathering, You can still register to attend in person or watch the entire event on Fox Nation.

When Trump spoke at our same gathering in 2019, he highlighted the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s pivotal role in mobilizing voters. He was speaking then not as a candidate but as the newly elected President, and he noted then he had spoken at a MAJORITY of the 10 annual Faith and Freedom annual meetings to that point, as he said, 

 “Ten years ago, you founded this organization with a few people and a great deal of prayer. Today the Faith and Freedom Coalition is the largest faith-based get out the vote organization in modern American history.” Click for the White House transcript of the rest of the speech.

Recent media attacks on faith-based education underscore the importance of supporting initiatives like ours. Misconceptions about the separation of church and state are deliberately pushed as in the example below in a recent Washington Post story, but we’re here to advocate for school choice and empower voters to make informed decisions.

Our commitment extends to defending Israel, with insights from another speaker at our event Danny Danon, Israel’s former UN Permanent Representative. Click for the list of all speakers.

Exhibit A in War on Religion – Washington Post, June 3, 2024

As we prepare to distribute literature and voter registration forms throughout Wisconsin this year to encourage faith-based voters and other conservatives to research issues and vote, a recent Washington Post story is Exhibit A in the war on faith-based voters that can only be countered by more people of faith voting.

The Washington Post leads the decades-long attack to mislead Americans into believing; that 1, the 1st Amendment was designed to protect the government from religion instead of the truth that it was to protect religion from the government, and 2) to convince taxpayers they are LOSING money when $6,681 is paid to a private school to educate a poor child instead of $16,080  in taxpayer funding being sent to a public school to educate the same child.

On June 3, the Post promulgated these deceptions by running the subhead, “The rapid expansion of state voucher programs follow court decisions that have eroded the separation of church and state.” then started the story with  “Billions in taxpayer dollars are being used to pay tuition at religious schools.”

In fact, a total of just more than $800 billion in taxpayer money per year is given to schools – $795 billion to public schools according to EducationData and $6 billion to private schools according to Future-Ed. That means taxpayers pay $16,080 for each child that goes to public schools and save more than $9000 any time school vouchers enable any of the 982,000 students whose parents use a voucher to choose a private school. 

Join us, volunteer, or donate to make a difference during this critical time!