Taking Stage After Trump with Noem, Niece of MLK

WI Faith & Freedom Counters Justice Department Prisoner Voter Effort

Our three-day event culminated Saturday night at the Washington Hilton, where Donald Trump spoke before 20 of us took the same stage for the final gala, as shown in the featured photo above. At the head table with Governor Kristi Noem, from right to left in the top row, were myself (John Pudner), Steve Scheffler (Iowa National GOP Committeeman), and my longtime friend Frank Pavone (founder of Priests for Life).

Also present in the row below us, from right to left, are Tim Head (Executive Director of Faith and Freedom), John Hagee (Founder of Christians United for Israel), and to the left of the photo, his wife Diana Hagee, and Alveda King, MLK Jr.’s niece.

For those of you receiving updates regarding our efforts in the coming months to register conservative churchgoers who never or seldom vote, you may be interested in the following:

The Left Uses 501(c)(3)s & Government for Votes; Right Must Do the Same

As some of you know, donations to the Wisconsin Faith and Freedom Coalition are tax deductible because we are a 501(c)(3), which means we do not endorse candidates but rather register voters to vote, with a focus on conservative faith-based voters among whom turnout has been very low. The second focus is on providing information on candidates’ positions to encourage future voters to get to the polls.

This is the practice of many liberal 501(c)(3)s, who have much more money available (e.g. they are now paying $29/hour for entry level door-to-door) on such efforts and therefore give liberal candidates a better chance to win, even if slightly more conservatives live in a certain district or state. If more liberals register and vote because there are so many liberal 501(c)(3)s running these programs than conservative 501(c)(3)s., a majority of voters could prefer the conservative candidate but be represented by a liberal candidate due to the huge money advantage of liberal funders of 501(c)(3)s.

The need has multiplied in three years for the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s work to register one million additional faith-based conservatives (done but we are not stopping) and now knock on 10 million doors to get them to vote. This is because three years ago, the Biden Administration added the full force of the federal government on top of the liberal edge in 501(c)(3) funding by issuing an executive order for the government to work to register federal employees – who tend to be more liberal due to their taxpayer-funded jobs, while workers in the private sector prefer lower taxes.

A special emphasis in Biden’s executive order focuses on turnout by the Justice Department, already not trusted by many conservatives due to their money spent on prosecutions of Donald Trump, to not only get their own employees registered and voting but also provide information to prisoners to encourage them to vote when eligible.

Republicans are trying to take a case to the Supreme Court to stop this practice, but liberals have been doing this under the executive order for almost three years now, so the only real solution is to balance it with our voter registration and turnout operation.

If left unbalanced, the massive voter registration and turnout edge of liberal 501(c)(3)s and the federal government could provide liberal wins, even if battleground polls continue to show a majority in all battleground states want to be represented by a conservative.

This is not to indicate that all of the millions of evangelical or other faith-based voters reached by the Faith and Freedom Coalition will vote for a conservative, any more than all of the Department of Justice employees and prisoners registered by the Biden initiative will vote liberal . In fact we’ve noted elsewhere that plenty of felons who had their voting rights restored in Florida then voted conservative. However, our efforts do provide the balance to help make sure millions more conservative faith-based voters end up casting a ballot.

The photos at the bottom are, 1) the most impressive event of the night watching 6-foot-6 Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin taking the stage after video of him hitting a 3-pointer with as much arc as used by Marquette’s Kam Jones; 2) the panoramic view of the thousands in the ballroom as Trump spoke, and 3) the overflow crowd for the kickoff event Thursday at the US Capitol while Tim Scott spoke; and 4) the movie screening of Sound of Hope, which has many of us glad for the dark to hide our tears as 22 poor families adopted 77 children to result in no children still needing a home within 100 miles of Possum Trott, Texas.